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invisalign.jpgWe are excited to announce that we are now offering Invisalign to not only our patient’s but the entire family!

Invisalign treatment is a breakthrough technique that straightens your teeth without braces, using a series of clear, comfortable aligners that are custom-modeled to fit your teeth. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of.

Invisalign is made to fit your lifestyle:

  • Clear, virtually invisible aligners
  • Removable, will not get in the way of your activities
  • Easy to remove to eat, brush and floss
  • Graduate to a new set of aligners about every two weeks
  • Easy to monitor your progress with regular appointments

Treatment time may be comparable to that of traditional braces. It varies, depending on your needs, but in some cases, Invisalign works in less than a year.

Invisalign is often covered by orthodontic insurance, and may cost about the same as traditional braces. Invisalign has been used to treat over one million people who chose to have an amazing smile.

We provide invisalign services for teenageers throughout San Luis Obispo County, including the communities of Atascadero, Paso Robles, Templeton, and San Luis Obispo.

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