Parents Your Child's First Dental Visit

Your Child's First Visit

0032_j0638_staticOur first concern is to make your child’s visit a pleasant one and to gain his or her trust. We will make your child feel welcome and show him/her around the office. We will examine his mouth, and we may take some x-rays pictures to see how the bones and teeth are growing. We will suggest ways to protect your child’s oral health through diet and the use of fluorides. We will start to teach both of you how to clean and brush the teeth properly. Then, if we see anything else that should be done, we will plan treatment together.

When to schedule the visit

Try to schedule your child's visit early in the day. We like to see them when they are rested and the appointment won’t conflict with mealtimes or naptimes. Children usually feel best in the morning and are more cooperative. Try not to make other appointments or errands before your dental visit. Our office serves children of all ages throughout San Luis Obispo Country, including the communities of Atascadero, Paso Robles, Templeton, and San Luis Obispo.

How to prepare your child

Tell your child the dentist is a friendly doctor who will help him or her stay healthy. Talk about the visit in a positive way, as you would any important new experience. A visit to the dentist should be a delightful adventure to a young child. Don’t overdo your preparation. Tell your child about the visit the night before, treating it as a highlight of the next day.

We recommend that you do not give your child instructions on how to behave, such as telling him or her not to cry, to sit still in the chair, or to be “good” in the office. Please do not bribe your child to go the office, or promise any rewards for good behavior.

When to arrive at the office

Plan to be in the dental office for up to an hour and a half. We hope you are looking forward to meeting with us. We are certainly looking forward to meeting you and your child.

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